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Are you overwhelmed by the million-and-one things you need to do to build and
scale your brand?

Have you sat in front of a blank screen trying to create content but have felt stuck but you know you need to have a strong marketing strategy? 

Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels and finally put your content creation on autopilot?



We totally get it, and we've been there too.

That's exactly why we created the Real Estate Accelerator Edge program.

As the name would imply, REA Edge will give you a competitive edge so you can connect with your audience using the right content you need to grow your investor base and scale your business.




Strategic content creation to grow your business...

Signing up for REA Edge means more leads converting to customers because checking off your to-do list might feel rewarding, but when those to-do's are not part of a bigger picture strategy, they can be time wasters instead of income generators.

Simply sharing a blog post or posting on Facebook is pointless unless you know how to do it in a meaningful way that will resonate with your audience.

Targeted marketing to attract the RIGHT investors...

We focus on partnering for the growth of your bottom line. Since we are in the same industry and niche, we know the ins and outs of your business as if it was our own.

Because of this, the work we do will accurately reflect the intention behind your brand while providing results tailored to your avatar’s specific pain points.

We understand the principles that make a brand impactful, persuasive, and meaningful which ultimately will generate more leads and higher conversions.

We do this for our own business every day and we’d love to help you do the same for yours!

Here's What You Get With Real Estate Accelerator Edge...

Custom Content Plan Tailored To Your Business And Goals – $997 Value

Custom content production plan that is specific to your avatar’s pain points to ensure highest conversion rates possible


Video Scripting, Editing, And Production – $4,000 Value

4 videos professionally edited for you using raw footage you provide. We will
provide video scripts (or you can use your own), written by a professional
copywriter, which you can read directly from a teleprompter app, making the video creation easy peasy. Just send us your raw footage, and we’ll take care of the rest!


Social Media Content Creation And Management – $497 Value

4 custom, targeted social media posts per month, with professional copywriting and images, distributed across your social media platforms on your behalf


Blog Posts – $2,000 Value

Up to 2 hand-selected and customized REA done-for-you blog posts published to your site on your behalf per month, complete with title image


Search Engine Optimization – $1,997 Value

We’ll pitch your site and content to multiple brands every month, to help you build your backlink profile and thus strengthen your SEO (search engine optimization)


Fresh Content For Your Newsletters – $1,297 Value

Library of fresh and relevant third party real estate content and news that you can share via your newsletters and social media


Newsletter Creation – $2,997 Value

We will put together your ongoing newsletters for you, complete with your custom branding, content, and relevant articles. You just come in and put your unique spin on it for your audience.


Podcast Guest Appearances – $1,997 Value

We’ll pitch you to multiple relevant podcasts per month in your niche, so you can share your message and attract more leads


Media Inquiries And Outreach – $1,497 Value

We’ll sift through media inquiries through HARO (Help A Reporter Out) and other media services to surface the ones most relevant for you to respond to so you can build up your brand reputation and get your name out there


YouTube Channel Setup And Optimization – $797 Value

Complete setup and optimization of your YouTube channel so that it becomes a lead generation machine. Plus, each professionally edited video will be posted to your YouTube channel for you, complete with optimized descriptions and tags - no need to lift a finger!


Ongoing Strategy Sessions – $997 Value

One 30-minute strategy session per month where we’ll evaluate and rework our strategy in order to boost your ROI and improve its overall efficacy


TOTAL VALUE: $19,073



Why spin your wheels when you can follow a proven system to achieve success?

We've packed the most effective lead generation and conversion strategies into REA Edge, all so that you can...

  • Stop spinning your wheels and wasting time on strategies that just don't work
  • Take the guesswork out of finding new investor leads and instead leverage a targeted strategy to find the RIGHT investors
  • Leverage our team and our expertise to help you put your content creation on autopilot
  • Get your message out there and reach more audiences so you can grow your investor base, raise more capital, and do more and bigger deals



For a limited time, you can enroll in REA Edge for just...

$9,997 per month



$1,997/mo for current REA members*

*Minimum 3-month commitment 



You won’t get this level of content support – specific to real estate syndication, from experts who know the business – anywhere else. Because of the high level of service, we will only be opening up a limited number of spots for REA Edge at the current price, so reserve your spot today!

This is your chance to take your business to the next level. 

Don't miss this opportunity. 

REA Edge For New Members


REA Edge For Current Members





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